Lumbar Support Belt with Dog wool


About This Product

Warming therapeutic belts from Dog’s wool and Camel’s wool

The belt “Nebat” is intended for warming up the lumbosacral region. Upon contact with the skin, the wool massages and improves blood circulation. Also, the belt can be used for medicinal purposes, for the treatment of neuritis, sciatica and osteochondrosis. The belt of dog wool is made by hand in the old way, which allows you to save all the healing properties of wool.

   Elastic belt’s of high quality dog or camel wool. Warms the muscles, bones  and joints, relieves pain, protects against hypothermia. Designed for the  treatment and prevention of cellulite, it stimulates the tone of the  abdominal and back muscles.
   The dogs wool is a valuable, incomparable material! Features are:  insulation, protection against cold, heat and moisture. It’s much lighter than  sheep wool and 3 times warmer than sheep wool and will not absorb odors.  The soft wool form a heat shield, which controls the temperature. The dogs  wool is similar to Angora, but much more resistant.
   Camel wool absorbs up to 33% moisture, these belt’s are lighter and more  durable than the products of other types of wool, hypoallergenic and  anti-  static, very soft, warm and pleasant to touch.
   Both belts are comfortable to wear under the clothes, completely invisible  under the clothing, reduces back pain and protects the kidneys from  hypothermia.
   For the treatment and prevention of sciatica, Radiculitis, osteochondrosis,  kidney inflammations, rheumatism, spine trauma, back pain. As well as  improve posture and good health.
   It improves posture, perfect for relieving pain in the spine and preventive  cases. It stimulates the tone of the back and abdominal muscles.
Size: 48    Waist (cm) 62-66    Hip girth (cm)92-96        Maximum product scope: 98
Size: 50    Waist (cm) 66-72    Hip girth (cm)96-100      Maximum product scope: 102
Size: 52    Waist (cm) 72-76    Hip girth (cm)100-104    Maximum product scope: 106
Size: 54    Waist (cm) 76-80    Hip girth (cm)104-108    Maximum product scope: 110
Size: 56    Waist (cm) 80-84    Hip girth (cm)108-112    Maximum product scope: 114
Size: 58    Waist (cm) 84-90    Hip girth (cm)112-120    Maximum product scope: 122