1760 Market Gets a New Look

“When the new owner of 1760 Market St. was figuring out how to give the Center City office building more of an identity, it went with a lighted canopy.

“We wanted to make a bold statement and I think we’ve done the trick,” said Jim Paterno of Stockton Real Estate Advisors, which owns the building with Alterra Property Group.

Though it has a Market Street address, there is no entrance on the street. Where the building’s entrance is located around the corner on 18th Street was a “dark, cave-like portal,” Paterno said, noting it was also confusing. “If you looked down 18th Street, there was nothing that identified the entrance or the building. Now, once you drive down 18th Street, you see a wonderfully illuminated canopy and it tells people something is there.”

More than $2 million was spent on renovations to the building. Of that amount, roughly $750,000 was spent on the canopy and lobby upgrades.”

Source: Philadelphia Business Journal ()

1760 market pink canopy entrance